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ColourMate precision additive/color concentrate feeders, designed  & manufactured by scpecialists for efficient, accurate metering directly into the throat of extruders, injection machines & blow moulders.


Dear Plastics processor,

At ColourMate Inc. we are specialists in precision feeder manufacture. Our single purpose commitment is to design and produce accurate and durable additive feeders, which, due to high volume production, are offered to industry at low cost.
ColourMate designed feeders are based on more than thirty years experience in the Plastics Industry and the major design criteria has been emphasis of feed rate accuracy, ease of colour changing and low maintenance requirements.
We look forward to having you join our many satisfied clients,

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Duncan MacGregor,

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Selected Products and Related Information:

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Additive Feeders

RG-500 Regrind Feeder

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FL-110 Filerless Vacuum Loader


Contact details:

ColourMate Inc.
260 Regina Rd. #2
Woodbridge, Ontario,
Canada, L4L8P8
Tel: (905) 850-6268    Fax: (905) 850-6275

or you can always reach us by email @ colourmate@bellnet.ca

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