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ColourMate Fl-110 Filterless Vacuum Loader.


The ColourMate FL-110 is a unique trouble free loading system for plastic processors. It has been designed and developed to completely eliminate the inherent problems associated with filter cleaning or changing in more convenient loaders.

The FL-110 system comprises a filterless, screenless loading chamber which is mounted on the processing machine hopper. The loading chamber is designed with a super efficient internal bell cyclone dust separation device which eliminates maintenance on this normally hard to reach component. Vacuum power is supplied to the loading chamber from the accessible power unit which is bracket mounted on the side of the machine or on an adjacent wall for easy maintenance.

The power unit is equipped with a heavy duty vacuum motor, cyclone separator motor protection filter with motor brush maintenance signal lights and solid state dual cycle control.


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    The FL-110 system includes:

  • 1 cu. ft. material receiver with automatic level control.
  • Bracket mounted power unit with controls.
  • Adjustable pickup want with handle.
  • (2) 10 ft. lengths of H.D. vacuum hose..

     The FL-110 system advantages:

  • No more on machine maintenance.Lightweight vacuum reciever
  • Lightweight vacuum receiver.
  • No filter cleaning required between colour changes.
  • No moisture laden compressed air required.
  • No deterioration of vacuum power due to clogged filters.No filter cleaning required between colour changes.
  • Accessible controls and separation system.
  • Low cost motor protection filter.
  • Motor maintenance schedule signals.


  • Bell shaped material air separator.
  • Cyclone dust separation in power unit.
  • Most powerful Ametec vacuum motor availbale.
  • 24 volt level control for safety.
  • Electrics 115v 15 amps.
  • Conveying rate-to 950 lbs./hr. (depending on matrial).



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