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The ColourMate RG-500 Additive Feeder.

   The Rg-500 is ColourMate's largest additive feeder. This feeder is engineered to introduce higher volume additives such as reground plastics, and is capable of throughputs of up to 500 lbs per hour. The RG-500 is ideally suited for the feeding of reground plastics due to the large entry from the supply hopper to the widely spaced auger flights, this design reduces the risk of jamming by allowing larger additive particles to flow smoothly through the feeding chamber.

    Designed along the same functional lines as our standard solour additive feeder,the RG-500 exhibits many features which make it as durable, accurate and easy to clean out between material changes.The large stainless steel hopper is equipped with a side mounted chute to facilitate quick draining, and the swing away motor allows the operator immediate access to ColourMate's exclusive integral auger/barrel cartridge. With the slackening of a single knob, the auger cartridge can be removed as a unit, for easy cleanout and quick alignment. The machined nylon auger sleeve with the stainless steel hopper are easily cleaned, and provide durable non corrosive surfaces which keep the additive free from contamination.


The ColourMate RG-500 Additive Feeder features:

  • Large 1.66 cubic foot capacity stainless steel hopper.
  • Throughputs up to 24 cubic feet per hour.
  • Bolts to standard ColourMate feed throats.
  • Integral auger/barrel cartridge.
  • Easy access sampling port.
  • Swing away motor..
  • 1/4 HP D.C. gearmotor.
  • 1-1/2" diameter auger.
  • Designed for quick cleanouts.  


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